About us.

APON Gari is one of the leading motor vehicle directory in Bangladesh. We designed this website as a one-stop platform for all motor vehicle lovers of Bangladesh. We always try to provide the most accurate information and the best user experience!

We have the latest price and specification of all the motor vehicles available in Bangladesh, and also the information about the past or discontinued ones. We have a complete and updated showroom and dealer network details of every Motor Vehicle Company, distributor or importer in Bangladesh so anyone, living anywhere in Bangladesh can find the nearest showroom or dealer address of his or her desired vehicles. And we also update the locations of all kinds of motor vehicle workshop so anyone can find the address of any nearby garage when needed. We also tried to provide engine oil grade, tire pressure, and all the necessary recommendation a user needs for his vehicles. 

We also have an easy comparison feature, with which any user can compare the price and description  of any motor vehicle model compared to another one, side by side, and determine which one he becomes more interested in. We also have tips about motor vehicle maintenance, riding tips, suggestions about which vehicle is suitable to meet up different needs of every rider, and the advantages and disadvantages of the vehicle models. So that, we can help any vehicle lover, vehicle enthusiasts, new rider or even old ones with any information or recommendation they need.

APON Gari has a dynamic and user-friendly website with information that is updated every day, suggestion based upon the rider’s needs, and tips to make everyone their beloved motor vehicle, safe. 

The sole purpose and goal of our team is to provide accurate information as soon as possible, keep everything updated, and Help motor vehicle lovers all around the country.

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