GPX Ead offer 2021-in Bangladesh


Ead offer with GPX

The GR165R model sports GPX bike comes with a guaranteed discount of BDT 15,000/ and comes with the world famous Origin brand dual certified bike helmet absolutely free. Also available included, Bank loan facility up to 80%, 4 free services. 2 years or 20000 kilometers, whichever comes first engine warranty and Guarantee of getting spare parts!

Something details of GPX GR165R

. The 165 cc powerful liquid engine has
. Del American Delphi brand EFI system
. 16nm Max Torque @6500 RPM

. Full LED lighting system
. Full LED Digital Meter (Soft Touch Technology)
. Upside-down front suspension
. YSS Racing Psychological Suspension (7 Steps Adjustable)
. Japanese DID brand O-ring chain system
. Thicker tires at the front 100-80/17 and 140-40/17 at the rear
. Sophisticated disc braking system at the front and rear.
 . Regular price – BDT 3, 59,900.
 . Eid Double Offer Price - BDT 3, 44,900 + Original Brand Helmet.

Call 01990-400600 to speak directly with their customer service and call 01990-400644 to know about bank loan.

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