Ashok Leyland 2518 Dump Truck Price in Bangladesh

April 26, 2020
Heavy Dumb Truck about details.
The Ashok Leyand Truck is a popular and very hard Dump Truck in Bangladesh. The Vehicle's popularity not only Bangladesh it's also popularity others many countries. And this cause  we have given below Ashok Leyland 2518 Dump Truck’s specification, overview and review depending on Bangladesh market.


 Engine .                   :HA6EI3U-6 Cylinder
                                     Intercooled Diesel
                                    With inline pump
                                    (Direct injection) BS3.
Maximum power   : 180HP @ 2400 RPM.
Clutch.                      :Air boosted 
                                    Hydraucally actuated
                                    Single plate dry type 15"
                                     RDC four finger
                                     Clutch (ceramic).
Gearbox.                  : EATON 9 Speed
                                   Cynchromesh gearbox.
Steering.                   :RANE Integral power-
                                    Assisted steering.
Brakes.                     :Full-air, Dual Line S cam
Wheelbase.              : 3900
Overall Length        : 7344(mm).            

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